with an established private practice that just isn’t thriving the way you thought it would?


My name is Gerda Muller and well over a decade ago I was in your shoes. My business grew in leaps and bounds. I started working as a solo-practitioner 3-days a week so I could look after my kids and suddenly I had a thriving practice booked out with me working 5-days a week. I hired a child psychologist, another adult psychologist and a practice manager and we moved into a shiny new three-room practice.

Everything was going well over the first three years. However, when you start to take on other team members or employees, that is when you start to face some challenges, because as a practice or business grows, the systems have to grow, processes have to grow and sometimes challenges can arrive. I had many, many challenges over the years, being the owner of a private practice and shudder to think of some of the rookie mistakes I made before I knew better.

Do you have these concerns?

  • Although your practice seemed easy to grow initially, you now realise that there were many foundational steps that you never put in place, which is starting to show by the constant crises popping up everywhere in your practice.
  • You feel pulled in all directions and the decision-fatigue is overwhelming. You’re running on empty with no end in sight. You know you need self-care but you never give yourself permission to take it. You’re so invested in your practice and team. As a result, you say YES when you should say NO.
  • Each year you are determined to step things up and finally take action on your many ideas for expanding your practice. But you seem to fall back into the same old behaviour patterns of seeing clients day-in-and-day-out, doing client paperwork for hours on end and dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running a private practice.
  • Although you may be turning over a good amount of money, you’re not making a profit. You’re confused where all the money is disappearing to. You’re worried about your next pay run.
  • You’re paying your team top dollar in order to retain them and hence aren’t able to pay yourself enough – yep, you guessed it, they are earning more than you are. You know something isn’t working right now.

I get it!

This business owner stage can be one of the trickest!

One memorable crisis of mine happened during 2010. I had an amazing psychologist who worked with me full time and had a consistently fully booked diary. Having such a hardworking clinician, made my life so easy and the business was thriving. That is until she decided to resign and start her own practice, as many clinicians do.

While I was very happy for her to take the leap, I struggled to find a suitable replacement for her, which meant that I had a room standing open, I was paying for rent, but I had no clients coming through the doors! Experiences like this are plentiful and can leave many business owners in a tailspin, unsure how to move forward. That’s when you wish you had someone who could give you the answers to how to future proof your business and protect it from risk.

Here’s how I can help you transition from a business owner to a CEO

I’ll help you gain the courage to ‘break the rules’, to break the shoulds and the musts of being a helping professional, allowing you to finally run your practice like a business and help more people, without burning yourself out in the process!

I’ll help you find and create your ace team. We’ll improve your hiring practices, whilst building a values aligned practice culture. We’ll improve your team retention, allowing you to give your clients consistent and quality client care.

I’ll give you the clarity on what you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis in order to achieve your goals. You’ll discover the step-by-step formula that would take the guesswork out of the process.

I’ll get you off the hamster wheel so you can gain stability around your money and paying your bills. You’ll transition from a mid- six-figure business to a 7 figure business, doing so with ease


Discover my Trainings for Business Owners

Private Practice Success for Mental Health Professionals

In this program, I reveal to you the exact secrets of my very own private practice success – the secrets that has helped me to build not one, but two, 7-figure group private practice whom each operate as a seperate legal and financial entity.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Booked out but no cash in the bank? I reveal the Exact Cash Flow Forecast Template that I use in my very own group private practice. This is Cash Flow Forecasting for the non-numbers kinda practice owner…as well as for those with numbers as their middle name.

Time Mastery in Private Practice

For Practice Owners AND Clinicians whom want to STOP feeling scattered, ELIMINATE overwhelm, and take CONTROL of their TIME, DIARY and never-ending TO DO LIST.


The RRIGHT Practice Management for Private Practice Success

This training program will teach new and existing front desk team members how to provide the RRIGHT Client Care. The outcome will save you thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

Using Online
Group Programs To Your Service Your Wait List

Receive my step-by-step process as we automate this important part of your customer service so you can sleep at night knowing your Wait List is looked after.

30 Days Journaling for the Mindset You’ve Always Wanted

Get ready for 30 transformational days where we will be peeling back the layers and rebuilding a mindset of SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE. Are you ready to step into your SUCCESS MINDSET…?

Private Practice Marketing Academy

Learn the the ethical & values based approach to marketing an allied health private practice. No more wasting your time on researching or predicting what will work for marketing – after this you will KNOW.

Master Class 3 day Workshop

The MASTER Class builds on the content covered in a Private Practice Success Introductory Level Workshop. Learn the secrets to marketing, how to build your ace team, knowing your numbers, how to build a profitable mindset, dynamic diary management and more!

Policy Bundles

Worried your policy documents are not protecting your practice? Get the policies by a MULTI AWARD WINNING Private Practice FOR TRUE PEACE OF MIND. Choose between 5, 10, 15 or 20 specific policies depending on your needs.

The HOT-SEAT Sessions Mini Mastermind

A Group Coaching & Mentoring Mastermind to ELEVATE your mindset and strategy as we problem-solve any challenges you are experiencing and continue to strengthen your practice for survival and growth beyond this time. 

Expand Your Practice on a Shoestring budget

In this eBook you’ll learn how you can concentrate on your goals, without the need for deep pockets – even if you don’t know the first thing about expansion.

Ignite Your Practice

This is my 6 month Mentoring and Coaching Program for any practice owner - either solo or group - that knows within their soul that they are meant for more, that they are here to make a difference and who want to scale both their personal and practice growth.

Founders Club

This is a 12 Month Mentoring and Coaching Program that runs from January to December. Get the proverbial keys to my private practice business, as you get access to all my IP and my highest level of support.

Sub-Contracting Master Class

Operationalise your Subcontractor Agreement so you can manage your practice and your subcontractors from a place of integrity, confidence, certainty and ATO compliance.

Introducing Online Group Programs to your Service Offering

Would you like to get your first ONLINE GROUP PROGRAM launched within the next few weeks…? Receive my 5 Step Process that I personally use to launch Online Programs.