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Australia’s Leading Private Practice Success Business Coach & Mentor to Allied Health Professionals


I’m Gerda and I think I know a little about you already.

I know you’re naturally gifted at helping people. That’s why you got into the industry. But I’m guessing you might not be a natural business person.

So many of us aspire to transition from working as a clinician for others to running our own show. But it’s a totally different skill set to what we trained for, so it’s no wonder that many of us struggle. I know first hand that the struggle is real because I’ve been there too. After much trial and error, heartache, and hard-won lessons over the last 12-years I figured out how to run a profitable and stress-free 7-figure group private practice. All while raising three young children to boot! With the right advice, I know you can too!

Sohow exactly do I help?

When I first started mentoring others in my industry over 5 years ago, people couldn’t believe I was giving away all my secrets to my competitors. But the truth is, we’re all in this together. I know the agony of making costly mistakes and the toll it can take on your business, your staff and even your family. I don’t want to see you go through that too.

As a private practice success coach & mentor, I’m here to help you;

• Master your time
• Set boundaries and build the business foundations you never knew you needed (but actually desperately need!)
• Fall in love with your positive mindset and self-belief (bye-bye imposter syndrome, fear, and scarcity)
• Finally get paid what you need and deserve; and
• Run a sustainable, ethical business that has long term IMPACT.

Just some of my clients’ private practice 

success stories

“I did my stats from pre-Gerda and post-Gerda and it is crazy!!! It’s completely DOUBLED and continues to grow.”

Group Private Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founders Club Member

“As a result of my work with you, I’m no longer fearful and worried about what other practices are doing.”

Group Private Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founder Club Member

“I am consistently receiving 5 to 10 new referrals EACH week.”

Solo Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founders Club Member

“I achieved a 332% increase in Turnover for the last Quarter, compared to the same Quarter last year.”

Group Private Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founders Club Member

“I finally don’t dread going into the practice anymore.”

Group Private Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founders Club Member

“Last month we achieved our all-time highest number of NEW client appointments. a 52% increase frm our normal number!”

Group Private Practice Owner, Master Class Graduate and Founders Club Member


Gerda Muller is the Ultimate Private Practice Success Creator. After building two 7-figure group private practices, she now trains, mentors, and coaches both aspiring and current practice owners to build their very own 7-figure private practices.

Gerda’s workshops and programs are highly sought after by those who are looking to build a helping business that can reach more people more effectively, whilst providing a rewarding career for their team and a life of abundance for the practice owner and his/her family.

As a highly-skilled practice mentor and coach, Gerda knows that having the knowledge is just the first step towards success, and she uses her skills as both a Clinical Psychologist and business owner – who has gone through the emotional ups and downs of building a sustainable successful business – to motivate, support, and ensure her clients implement the knowledge gained in order to get the results they desire.

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My Story

My journey as a psychologist started in a completely different country many years ago. I was born and raised in a small town called Despatch, which is located in the beautiful country of South Africa. Ever since middle school, I knew I wanted to have a job helping people in some way, shape or form. I was accepted into a psychology degree at my local university. However, it is incredibly competitive to get into a Master’s in South Africa. Only 14 people were accepted every year. I figured I wasn’t clever enough and withdrew ultimately because I didn’t believe in myself. Instead, I enrolled in a 3-year travel and tourism degree and immediately got a job afterwards. I was good at what I was doing, but didn’t feel fulfilled, so ultimately I decided to go back and study psychology, finally! For me, getting into psychology therefore, turned into a 5-year detour, but I got there. I worked 5 days a week in travel and went to university at nights 4-days a week. That was my life for the next three years. I had my first child while studying my honours year so I had to do it part-time over two years.

Then came the day I had to apply for my masters

This was the thing that I had feared so much in terms of applying and potentially not getting in. There was only one university I could apply for that was in my home city because I was unwilling to move. I had a family.

We were told we could ring up the university on the Friday to find out whether we had actually got in. This lady would tell you yes or no. I just couldn’t get myself to call.

By 2pm I still hadn’t call, because I was so scared that they were going to tell me that I didn’t get in. It’s that fear of failure. I’m sure you’ve met that before. Guess what. I finally called and I got in. That was probably one of the best days of my life. Actually getting that acknowledgment and hearing that I can become a psychologist. It was so amazing and big celebration ensued that Friday.

My husband, first child, and I immigrated to Australia in 2004.

My husband, first child, and I immigrated to Australia in 2004. We basically sold up everything we owned and all without even visiting Australia before. We came over to Brisbane, my husband immediately got a job because he’s a tradesman — an electrician and me, with my fabulous Master’s degree, could not get a job. I remember day after day, sitting in that empty unit, cold because it was winter and we couldn’t afford a heater, applying for jobs on the Internet and just getting rejection after rejection after rejection. It was really, really tough. Eventually, I got a job with a company called Work Directions. It was a role as a case coordinator in their personal support program. It was there, over the next two years that I got to know all the regulations, the laws, the ethics around the mental health and allied health industry within Australia and how it is different to that in South Africa.

2 years into my role there I fell pregnant with my second son and I went on maternity leave. Being at home, that is when you start thinking, maybe this is the time to actually start my own practice.

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Near my local shopping centre there was this small little room that had this for lease/sale sign on it for many, many months and I would often walk past it and just peep in and think, oh, you know, perfect size for a consult room. I finally rented it in April 2007 when I finally took that step, I resigned from Work Directions and I started my own private practice. I only started 3 days a week doing school hours. It was really important for me to be there for my children, my older daughter and the youngest was now in daycare.

it grew so quickly that within six months I was working 5 days a week!

I still doing school hours, was fully booked and I also had a wait-list. I also noticed more and more people sending me referrals for children and adolescents. I’m not a child or adolescent psychologist and I didn’t see kids and adolescents. So I decided, maybe the time has come for me to appoint a child psychologist. Even though I’m an introvert, I really wanted other team members around me. After 6 months I went from working out of a 19 square metre room to appointing a child psychologist to work with me and in quick succession I also appointed another psychologist to work with adults 2 days a week. The child psychologist was doing 5 days a week and we moved from a 1-room practice to a 3-room practice.

That was a pretty big jump from 1 room to 3 rooms, but it was a very exciting jump, of course. Everything was going well over the first three years. However, when you start to take on other team members or employees, that is when you start to face some challenges, because as a practice or business grows, the systems have to grow, processes have to grow and sometimes challenges can arrive and I had many, many challenges over the years, being the owner of a private practice. For example, during 2010 one of my best psychologists who worked with me full time and had a consistently fully booked practice decided to start her own practice as people do. I struggled to find a suitable replacement for her at the time, which meant that I had a room standing open, I was paying for rent, but I had no clients coming through the doors.

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I opened my second group private practice in 2010, right when the GFC hit Australia.

I started the Loganholme practice and then I decided well things are going so awesomely, I’m going to start a second practice in Capalaba and then all of these things started to go wrong. I was also 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child and I kept on wondering why is this so hard. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know what. I spent the next 6 months training my practice manager to run the practice during my maternity leave, getting all my ducks in a row. And guess what happened? 10 days after my son was born, I got an email from her telling me that she’s resigning. I found myself on my bed crying my eyes out that day. I don’t know if it was the hormones of just having had a baby or just genuine disappointment in myself, in this person that resigned, in life or possibly a combination of the two. After I had my little pity party on the bed, I pulled myself together and focus back on taking action. But my actual rock bottom came in January 2012. I couldn’t understand why we were fully booked, but I had no money in the bank. It just did not make sense. That’s when I knew I needed help.

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I received an email from an HR contact about a business-planning workshop and out of desperation I decided to sign up. And the rest, as they say, after having attended that day, is history.

That day absolutely opened my eyes to what I needed to do.

I immediately signed up to some one-on-one business coaching with the speaker, Nathan, and remained a client of his for the next 4 years. As a result of bringing him on board, I made so many changes in my practice that completely turned my practice around. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but it was the best thing I could have done.

One of the things I had to do was fire one of my psychologists. Yep, believe it. It was really hard. I was in tears beforehand, but I just had to pull myself together and I got it done. This person had the worst possible retention rate. They wrote the worst possible GP reports and despite me asking them multiple times how can I help them, what can we do to work on it, to use the templates provided, they refused to do it, so they left me no choice. I couldn’t allow them to keep on ruining my reputation.

I also fired my accountant, who was really only being what I now know is an ATO compliance accountant. They were making sure I was dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s, but they weren’t really working for me. A third change that I made was moving my bookkeeping from Excel to a proper accounts management system. Yep, I also can’t believe it. 5 years in and I was still using Excel to do my books. Crazy, eh? I moved from Excel to MYOB, absolutely hated it and then I started using Xero, which I love and I’m still using today. Those were just the beginning of my changes!

What I came to realise is that in order to have a long-term successful private practice you need to run it like a business.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I had to constantly filter all the business principles that Nathan was throwing at me through my psychology filter before I could take action. It was exhausting. I consistently had to ask myself, if I did this, what would the Australian Psychological Society say? What would AHPRA say? What would the Code of Ethics say? How can this work within an allied health business for this to be ethical? Needless to say, the first year, working with a business coach was very painful emotionally but so so worth it.

I have a common saying, it’s easy to start a private practice, and anybody can do it. What is hard is to have a long-term successful private practice, which you can only do IF you run it like a business. Yes, you can do it in an ethical way that fits with your values, your vision, you, your team, your clients and your general community. I call this the Profitable Private Practice Mindset.

In 2015 my private practice, The Psych Professionals, was awarded as winner in the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Awards. That’s right, my private practice took out the award as best in the category for small business employers in the mental health achievement awards. For me as the practice owner, for me as a clinical psychologist, for me as a private practice success coach and mentor that was a 100% endorsement that what I do in my private practice and what I teach in all my private practice success trainings and programs is 100% ethical, acceptable, recommended and okay. So I want you to feel that you can implement what it is that you will be learning from me, knowing that it has our industry stamp of approval.

As you can see, my business journey has had so many ups and downs, but I’ve lived them so you don’t have to. Just like how I needed a helping hand to transition from being fully booked but with no money in the bank to being profitable, you might too. Take my hand and we’ll do this together!

No matter which stage of the journey you’re at, I can help you.

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You’re still employed by others, but with big aspirations to start your own practice. You dream of independence, flexibility and fulfilment. You dream about being able to help your ideal clients and never having to ask for time off to be with your kids. But also, you’re scared shitless to make the leap!

Business Owner

You're a business owner with a growing private practice, but it's not thriving the way you thought it would, despite working really hard at it. You're either a solo practitioner or have a small team, but you dream of having the time and money to grow your impact on your community.


By now your practice is turning over between $500K and $800K per year, requiring you to step into your inner CEO mindset. You now understand what is required to be 'more' than a business owner and the freedom this brings you in both your mindset and actions is empowering.


With a practice that is turning over in excess of 7 figures, you are in the process of or have already totally stepped out of your practice and you have a team to manage it in your absence. Despite having achieved this, you are determined to have an even greater IMPACT on the world.