Expanding Your Practice eBook


Want to know how to expand your practice on a shoestring budget?

Finally! Now you can concentrate on your goals, without the need for deep pockets – even if you don’t know the first thing about expansion.

These secrets have helped many new — and successful private practice owners — expand and reach new heights in their business…

Now, it’s YOUR turn to put my secrets to work!

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You’re not alone. Navigating the many uncertainties involved in deciding when your practice is ready to expand, followed by the challenges of finding a location and making the actual move is a daunting process for many a practice owner, because one mistake can literally cost you thousands of dollars.

But take my word for it, you CAN expand and grow your practice without the need for deep pockets – even if you don’t know the first thing about expansion.

So if you have questions like….

  • How to start and then expand my solo practice?
  • How to expand my group practice?
  • What things to ask for when negotiating your lease?
  • Moving suburbs and how to manage this?
  • How to notify clients that you are moving?
  • Then this is the E-book you have been waiting for. In my typical style, I take you through it all – no holds barred – so you get all the facts!

Just to be clear, this is not about expansion in the context of getting more clients. This is 30 PAGES dedicated to the physical expansion/growth/movement of your practice in terms of space.

For example, the logistics involved in moving from a 1 room practice to a 4 room practice.