Master Class 

New 3 Day Format

New dates to be released. Delivered online and recorded for your convenience.

The MASTER Class builds on the content covered in the Private Practice Success Introductory Level Workshop.

As such, completion of the Online Introductory Level Workshop is mandatory for entry into the Master Class.

(If you are yet to complete the Introductory Level workshop, please click here for details)


Assessment & Consult

In order to ensure you get maximum value from the Master Class, we will engage in a ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ of your private practice.

  1. I will email you my Ultimate Private Practice Success Assessment Questionnaire that you will complete and email back to me.
  2. I will then personally interpret your assessment and plot your private practice on the Table of Private Practice Development, looking at how your practice rates across the 15 Markers of Practice Development. This will become your roadmap to private practice success and will give you clarity on what to focus on at the workshop and beyond.
  3. We will do a Pre-Weekend Phone Consult where I will feedback these results to you, so we are both on the same page when you arrive at the Master Class.



We kick off the weekend by doing an Overview of:


The 15 MARKERS of a Successful Private Practice


The 5 Levels of Private Practice Development


Your Successful Private Practice BLUE PRINT


Pitfalls of Moving too Fast through the Levels


How to know when the Time is Right to move to the Next Level

Program Outline


  • What is Marketing in our Industry?
  • Why do we Ditch the 911-Marketing?
  • My proven TOP 10 Client Generating Marketing Strategies to keep your Practice Diary FULLY BOOKED
  • We will COMPLETE your 3-Month Marketing Plan
  • How to initiate TEAM Member Marketing via the ‘My Niche Marketing Plan’
  • How to use a STATIC Diary to get your Marketing DONE


Never again will you have to worry about the what, when, where & how of Marketing your practice, whilst knowing 100% for sure, you will get a return on your marketing investment.


  • Who are your Practice Angels?
  • My TOP 5 Ways to Ethically Love your Practice Angels (includes SCRIPTS & TEMPLATES)
  • 5 STEPS to turn a NEW Referring GP into a Practice Angel
  • My 7 Reporting Habits for Abundant Referrals


ETHICAL, EASY & EFFECTIVE is the name of the game with everything I teach around Marketing, including your Practice Angels.  Why…? So you can market without feeling like a used car salesman


  • When is the RIGHT TIME to Recruit for a New Clinician?
  • What is the BEST WAY to Recruit for a New Clinician?
  • Interviewing for your ACE Team made Easy
  • 3 x Interview TEMPLATES for Making the RIGHT OFFER, including:

    – Child & Adolescent Clinician
    – Reception / Accounts Person
    – Adult Clinician

  • The Career Progression Pathway
  • My 30 Item New Clinician Checklist for Optimal Positioning of your New Clinicians
  • How to POSITION your Team for Success
  • What you need to add to your Orientation & Induction in order to Position your Team appropriately
  • Compiling your UNIQUE Culture Statement


No more running around in a panic again when another Clinician resigns! 

No more fearing the ATO and worrying about doing the right thing, as you’ll KNOW that you’ve got the right model and contract!


  • Why do GOOD even EXCELLENT Clinicians still go Broke?
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPl’s)
  • Your Private Practice KPI KIT:
    – Clinician Team KPI Kit
    – Practice Owner KPI Kit
    – Admin Team KPI Kit
  • 5 Simple STEPS to having your ACE TEAM do it all for you
  • My TOP 5 Strategies for Maintaining High Retention Rates


Here we make Looking at Your Numbers Paint-by-numbers Simple!  All so you can start to Love ‘Number Talk’


  • The 5 Pillars of the Private Practice Mindset
  • My 13 Point Practice Owners Checklist for Practice Sanity & Success


The RIGHT Mindset is your Express Train Straight to a Level 5 Practice as it makes Implementation so much easier!


  • What is Dynamic Diary Management?
  • How to Double your Practice Turn-Over with only ONE Small Change in Diary Management
  • My TOP 5 Tips for Having a Dynamic Diary


Love to double your turn-over and profit…? Look no further than Secret 6.  Thinking Outside the Box has never been this easy! 


  • Why does your GP Refer to YOU and not your Competition?
  • The WOW Formula: Level 1
  • The WOW Formula: Level 2
  • My 5 Crucial STEPS towards Building your Niche or Multi-Disciplinary Practice (for Level 5 Practice Status)


Learn how to easily stand out in a Meaningful way!

Who this is for…

The Master Class is for any Practice Owner whom is determined to grow and expand their practice to group practice status. 

I have had SOLO practice owners attend, whom tells me they are attending in order to ensure that they start as they plan to continue.  I applaud this, as it is much easier to do things right, right from the start, than having to change and or pivot midway.  Why?  Because allied health professionals are notoriously bad at managing change (although they will deny this profusely).

I have had GROUP practice owners attend, that have been running a group private practice for longer than I have, but they tell me that for some reason they have hit a glass ceiling in their practice, because let’s face it… you don’t know what you don’t know and the Master Class reveals it all.

And of course…

I then also have everyone in between.

Really, no matter where you are in your practice owner journey, you can and will benefit from the Master Class.  Your Master Class Manual will literally become your go-to resource on a DAILY basis as it is just so full of content for you to use.  Don’t know what to do about an issue?  Just go to the manual.

In essence the Master Class Workshop is what will take you from Solo Practitioner to Group Private Practice Owner.  But more than just an owner…..

An owner whom:

  • Has choice into how much clinical work you do.
  • Can go on 4 to 8 weeks’ holidays and know their practice is still running, still making money, still helping people.
  • Is building a financial asset that can one day be sold as a retirement plan.

The Master Class Workshop will change your practice and your life forever.  Peaceful sleep, contented team members, satisfied clients, blissful holidays and a chunky bank account might just appear upon IMPLEMENTATION of the content covered during this online event.


Group Practice Owner – Brisbane, Australia

“Gerda’s infectious personality makes it a delight to have her as a Mentor to build a successful Private Practice. Her training and advice is invaluable. She validates what business owners do to problem solve the many challenges to make a business successful. When I first started building a Group Private Practice, there were no guidelines for anything to do with a Psychology Practice. Since participating in Gerda’s Master Class Weekend Workshop, I have many strategies to have a very successful Private Practice. Thank you Gerda for your advice and support. You provide the wings to fly.”

Di, Group Practice Owner – Brisbane, Australia

“As a practice owner and clinician I was finding it incredibly hard to catch a breath and get things done. I had lost direction and was increasingly becoming dissatisfied despite our clinicians (including myself) having full caseloads. This two-day Master Class Weekend Workshop was everything Gerda promised and so much more! It allowed me to reignite the very reason why I went into private practice in the first place. It gave me the direction needed to work as a team with my colleagues as opposed to working as individual clinicians in the same place. Basically it gave me the butt-kicking that I needed. If you want direction and you want to move to the next level, then Gerda’s masterclass workshop is definitely worth the investment. Her value- guided advice is priceless and I definitely am one who is very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her and her team that weekend, and am grateful for still being supported by her.”

Celin, Group Practice Owner – Melbourne, Australia

Group Practice Owner – Sydney, Australia


As part of your Master Class Workshop Manual, you also get a USB stick full of amazing awesomeness.  Here is a screenshot of what is included:



One of the principles that I teach and that forms a golden thread through how I ran my private practice and Private Practice Success Australia is to… Over-deliver to the Exaggerated Expectations of my Clients and Referrers.

As such, I’m also over-delivering in the Master Class Workshop by giving you access to my Contractor Agreement.

This 20-page Contractor Agreement is the same agreement used by my private practice, The Psych Professionals. However, having the right contract only gets you half-way there, as you absolutely MUST know how to implement this in the day to day operational management of your practice. And of course, that also gets covered on the Master Class Weekend Workshop.


I am also throwing in my Service Delivery Guidelines. This is a 20 page document that sets out the Deliverables required from our Contractors. It’s like an Employee Handbook but for Contractors.



Enrolling into the Master Class Workshop is NOT an Expense.

I’ll go as far as to say that doing the Master Class, won’t cost you a cent! Why, because if you IMPLEMENT what I teach you, you will make your enrolment fee back a hundred times over.

But don’t take my word for it….

Let’s look at some of the financial results reported by my Master Class Graduates


“As the end of financial year arrives I wanted to thank you for your endless sharing of knowledge, motivation, wisdom and normalisation. I am proud to say that I now have that 7 Figure Practice…..It’s just the start for me but I may have not accomplished this at the same pace without your input! Thank you and keep up the great work!”

Group Practice Owner – Sydney, Australia

“Hi Gerda, I just wanted to share my End-of-Financial Year good news with you. We grossed $524,000 this financial year which is up by $264,000 from last year. The 4 associates are going brilliantly. Thanks for everything Gerda. Wouldn’t have done it (and still doing it) without your support, wisdom and sensible and practical advice.”

Group Practice Owner – Sydney, Australia

“Hey Gerda! I wanted to say a big thank you!!!!! I always think of you when crunching numbers!! Check out this growth since doing the Master Class: 2015: $129K gross with $28K profit, 2016: $192K gross with $94K profit, 2017: $366K gross with $82K profit AFTER drawing my own wage and paying admin 2 days! You are the bomb Mrs Muller!!! Thank you!!!”

Group Practice Owner – Sydney, Australia

“We have hit $1 million gross turnover for this financial year!!! 7 figure practice WOO HOO! Thank you so much for helping me change my mindset. I am loving this new profitable practice mindset.”

Group Practice Owner – Perth, Australia

Registration is currently closed.

To take up this opportunity you have the following investment options


1 x Full Payment of only

$6,997 (2019 Rate)
$7,497 (2020 Rate)


Payment Plan

12 Weekly Payments of $595 (2019 Rate)
12 x Weekly Payments of $637  (2020 Rate)


Payment Plan

24 Weekly Payments of $320 (2019 Rate)
24 x Weekly Payments of $347 (2020 Rate)


This investment is PER PRACTICE.  This means that you can send up to 3 people from your practice to attend, for no additional charge.

For example, you as the practice owner might want to attend, whilst also bringing your Practice Manager, or your Principal Psychologist, or a Senior Receptionist or even your Spouse, even if they attend just to be on the same page as you and learn more about what you are doing – it is a family business after all.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

How do I know what you’re thinking…? Because that’s what we Psychologists do, we mind read 🙂 Just kidding!!

However, I’ve spoken to enough practice owners to know that this might be a concern of yours right now, so let’s address it:

One, you might be thinking….

“I can’t afford it.”

Problem is, you can’t have a million-dollar business if you are not willing to invest in getting there. So ask yourself, what is it worth to you?

Two, you might be thinking….

“I don’t have the time to attend and then implement all the learnings.”

Well, the Master Class fixes this FOR you as you get a ‘done for you solution’ in all the templates and processes AND best of all, as this is online, it is being RECORDED so you can re-access it at your own pace and convenience.

Three, you might be thinking….

“I have to talk to my partner/spouse”

To this I’ll say, if YOU believe it’s worth it so will he or she. So how convinced are you?

Four, you might be thinking….

“I need to think about it.”

If this is the case, then you are probably scared and that’s ok. Maybe you’ve tried this type of thing before and it didn’t work. Maybe you invested at this level before and you didn’t get a return. Rest assured that I will not sleep at night unless you get a return on your investment.

Five, you might be thinking….

“My gut is saying no.”

My suspicion is that this is really about YOU not believing in yourself, which is very common by the way. All I can do is encourage you to back yourself. I can’t do it for you. Your spouse/partner can’t do it for you. You’ve got to back yourself and if you pitch up and do the work, you WILL be successful.


Depending on the needs of the attendees, I also gift additional Content over the course of our 3 days together. 

This content is different at each Master Class depending on attendees’ individual needs.  The screenshots below give an indication of the content often shared.


Once you’ve completed the Master Class Workshop, you will become a lifetime member of our Closed Facebook Group – exclusively for Master Class Graduates – where you get supported to continue implementing what you’ve learnt and where you have the opportunity to ask questions as you go.


Take Note…

There will only be ONE Master Class in 2020.  This means you only have ONE opportunity to attend this highly popular workshop that will up-level absolutely everything in your business and life.

Venue: ONLINE from the comfort of your own home or office.

Date: Next dates to be released.


Can I enrol before having done the Introductory Level Course…?

You sure can and SHOULD as the Master class ALWAYS BOOKS OUT.

However, In order to attend the June 2020 Master Class you will need to enrol into and complete the ONLINE Private Practice Success Introductory Course before the Master Class commences.

New Bonuses Added

FREE Access to the ‘Introductory Level Private Practice Success Training’
FREE Access to the ‘Sub-contracting Master Class’
FREE Access to my ‘COVID-19 Practice Survival Plan’
FREE Access to the ‘Private Practice Marketing Academy’
FREE Access to my ‘COVID-19 Practice Resources & Policies’


1 x Full Payment of only

$6,997 (2019 Rate)
$7,497 (2020 Rate)


Payment Plan

12 Weekly Payments of $595 (2019 Rate)
12 x Weekly Payments of $637  (2020 Rate)


Payment Plan

24 Weekly Payments of $320 (2019 Rate)
24 x Weekly Payments of $347 (2020 Rate)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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DISCLAIMER: The Gerda Muller group of companies provide training and recommendations based on its knowledge and experience within the Australian psychology and allied health industry and as an independent business and business owner and hence any documents provided does NOT constitute legal and or financial advice.