Cash Flow Forecasting In Private Practice

Revealing the Exact Cash Flow Forecast Template that I use in my very own group private practice… Saving you Time, Money & Energy in the process!


Cash Flow Forecasting for the non-numbers kinda practice owner… as well as for those with numbers as their middle name.

Whether you LOVE IT or love to HATE IT, money – and particularly your CASHFLOW – is an essential part of business…

… which means that a lack of attention to your CASH FLOW can be disastrous to your business!

And no, I’m not TRYING to be melodramatic… I AM being melodramatic!

Because I’ve seen – first hand – what happens when practice owners neglect Cash Flow Forecasting in their business and I would hate for that to happen to you…

And as per usual, I was one of them!

I knew that I needed a Cash Flow Forecast, because that is what a ‘proper’ business does and I had my then Business Coach pound into my head at each of our fortnightly coaching sessions that I needed one. But being a non-numbers kinda practice owner, I had better things to do. I had people to help. I had a team to support. I had marketing to do and appointments to fill. I didn’t have time to do a flippen excel spreadsheet full of numbers!

Needless to say my inner Rebellious Child was hearing the need for it, but I was choosing to ignore the shit out of it…

The outcome…? Rock bottom, baby.

Financial rock bottom. Not a fun place to be.

Rock bottom is an amazingly effective teacher though. It MAKES you listen. It MAKES you stop. I was hit by a financial Mack truck and I was none the wiser that it was a coming….

And THAT is what a Cash Flow Forecast does best.

It tells you there is a Mack truck coming for your business before it hits…

So you can actually DO something about it.

Who this is for…

Whether you are just starting out in private practice or have an established practice, you absolutely must use a Cash Flow Forecast in your business and the sooner you start, the better.

And no….

Cash Flow Forecasting is not about making sure there is money in the bank! That is only a small part of the equation and does NOT constitute Cash Flow Forecasting.

To be clear, this training will explain Cash Flow Forecasting in easy to understand language and as it applies to the Allied Health Industry.

Why me?

My name is Gerda Muller.

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Published Author and the Founder of  The Psych Professionals and Source Health and Co-Founder of Halo Practice Management. It is my belief that each and every person has the right to access quality mental health services and I have made it my life’s mission to make that happen.

I intend to achieve this by empowering as many practice owners as I can with my hard-earned knowledge and experience to ensure that happens now rather than decades from now.

This is what I know for certain…

Every well-intentioned and motivated mental health professional can create their own Ultimate & Successful Private Practice. I know, because I’ve done it. It wasn’t easy because what I had to do to create a winning practice is simply NOT taught at University.

The good news is – the strategies I have learned over the past 12 years, can be easily learnt and in this training we will be focussing on all things Cash Flow Forecasting!


We will discuss all things Cash Flow Forecasting including….


What it is?


Why it is important?


How it can help you – from a very practical perspective?


Exactly HOW to do it!


BEST OF ALL – I will give you a MSWord Excel Spreadsheet TEMPLATE for you to use in your own practice.


This is a Self-Study program delivered online via my Private Practice Success Members Portal. As soon as you enrol, you will receive an email with your exclusive login details to access the Members Portal, where you will get immediate access to the complete program.

1 x Recorded Video Training

The content is immediately available to you via my exclusive Private Practice Success Members Portal allowing you to get started straight away.

1 x Excel Sheet TEMPLATE Document

I’ve done the hard part for you with this Template, so you can just punch in your numbers.

Recorded Q&A Session

This is a RECORDED video of an extensive LIVE Q&A Session I ran covering the Training Content.

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4 Hours of CPD

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I’m ready to take control of my Cash Flow Forecasting.

Full Payment


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Payment Plan

$99 / week for 6 weeks

(+ GST)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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