Policy Bundles

My in-demand Policy Documents (normally reserved for my Inner Circle) are now available as bundles to save you time and money.

Policies by a MULTI AWARD WINNING  Private Practice for true piece of mind.


Policy Bundles

Are you quietly terrified your practice’s policy documents are inadequate and exposing you to risk?

When we start our practices we are experts in helping clients NOT drafting legal paperwork! So naturally it can be daunting to know exactly what your policy documents should say. I know you want watertight documents that will cover your booty from legal issues. These are tried and tested policy documents that will give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about when you have enough on you plate as a practice owner!


Our policy bundles are delivered in MS Word format and are easily edited and customised to suit your practice. Simply follow the steps below and select your desired policies via the form delivered in the confirmation email.

1. Choose your bundle size

You can choose between 4 different Bundle Sizes – 5, 10, 15 or 20 Policies.

2. Choose your policies

You get to choose from the following 20 Policies that I’ve hand-selected via your confirmation email.

3. Delivered to your email

Your chosen policy bundle will be delivered to your email in MS Word format within 1 business day of purchase.

Choose from the following policy documents;


Responding to Requests for Confidential Information, Transfer of Records, Subpoenas & Other Legal Requests


Paperless Client Files


Conclusion Process & Checklist for Departing Clinicians


Clinician Leave


Expectations and Booking of In-House Supervision


Data Breach


Confidentiality Agreement for Admin Staff


File Audits


At-Risk Behaviour (Suicide & Self-Injury)


Provision and Use of Clinician Resources


Application of Cancellation & No-Show Fees


Cancellation List & Waitlist Management


Clinician Self-Care & Burnout Prevention


Children in the Waiting Room


Clinician Time-Management


Injury & Incident Reporting


Inactive Client Management


Requests for Diary Changes/Consulting Days (by Clinicians)


Professional Dress Code


Social Media and Representation of the Business Online

Let me ask you this…

How do I put a Value – a price – to a Policy Document….?

Is it the one hour, or two, or three it takes to sit down and put pen to paper writing only ONE policy?

Do I look at the hours and hours of thinking and reflection that went into ascertaining the how, what, when, and where of each policy…?

Is it the hours and hours of squinting eyes and gaining frown lines, as I read the small print on governmental and regulatory websites that need to be considered in the determination of what is regulated. evidence based, recommended, best practice, compliant, ethical – add in any multiple of adjectives to describe all the rules we need to life by as a profession – in order to be able to sleep at night having put my words to paper…?

How DO  I price the many scary, conflictual, unexpected – add in any multiple of adjectives describing the many of unforeseen events that has happened to make me realise…

Hmmm, I need a Policy Document on that…

Or is it the fact that I took ALL OF THE ABOVE and shrunk it into an easily digestible, clear and simple Policy format for anyone to understand.

If I had to take all of the above into considering, no-one could ever afford my policy documents.

So I’ve taken the emotion of having suffered (and aged significantly) in the compilation of all of these and are offering it to you at a fraction of what it is truly worth to me.

Because if I can save you time and hence money, then I am happy.

Note though, that all these policies have been written for my psychology practice, The Psych Professionals. It is my belief that all of these are transferrable to any type of mental health and or allied health practice.

So if you are grateful not to start from a clean slate, I am happy to make this available to you.


I’m ready to choose my policy bundle to save me time and money.

5 Policies

 1 payment of only $897

(+ GST)

10 Policies

1 payment of only $1697

(+ GST)

15 Policies

 1 payment of only $2397

(+ GST)

20 Policies

1 payment of only $2997

(+ GST)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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