The Private Practice Marketing Academy

Your Private Practice Marketing Solution that offers Ease, Efficiency & Ethical Messaging

Hi, I’m Gerda

If you’re anything like me in the past and hundreds of my private practice clients, your marketing just isn’t working for you the way you want.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know that feeling: you’re opening up your practice diary and you’re seeing these gaping, open holes and you know that means trouble … you’re going to have bills to pay but you won’t have nearly enough cash in the bank. It leaves you feeling anxious and worried.
  • You’re stuck doing the default marketing strategy used by allied health professionals. It’s what I call ‘911-Marketing’— when you’re only doing marketing when you desperately need clients in the door, when the truth is that marketing today will not lead to clients next week or even the week after. Marketing you do today will only lead to clients in 2-3 months’ time.
  • You want an ethical and values based approach to marketing. You’re tired of the marketing advice that feels sleazy and unaligned. You know it’s risky to take advice from someone who doesn’t get our industry and regulations.

Forget the stress! Introducing your solution:
The Private Practice Marketing Academy where you’ll gain:

Increased Focus

Get clarity on the WHAT, WHEN & HOW of Marketing an Allied Health Private Practice in the most efficient way.

Increased Time

No more wasting your time on researching or predicting what will work for marketing – after this you will KNOW.

Less Worry

About whether you are doing the ‘right thing’ according to the APS & APHRA when it comes to your marketing.


To now take your practice to the next level in a way that actually feels good.

What you can expect from the training

  • Carefully constructed content
  • Strategies that actually work so you can be assured of a return on your marketing dollars
  • Templates that make it paint-by-numbers simple
  • Scripts to get you started straight away
  • Ethical action steps that calls in your ideals clients

Plus 30 CPD Hours

You can claim 30 CPD hours and you will receive a Certificate upon completion.

How it is delivered

As this is a Self-Study Program, you will have immediate access to all the trainings and information. This means that you can do the training in a short amount of time if needed, as it is all ready to go. In addition to the 6 Training Modules, you will also go through an Introduction Module, including a Pre-Work Module, both with the aim of ensuring that you are 100% ready to get the most out of the training before you commence the official training content. It is my aim for you to get utmost value from this program and the Pre-Work will set you up for success as you work through the content. 

This will include:

The recording for the Module.
(The recording is of myself talking you through the content.)

A Hand-Out of the accompanying slides covered in the recording.
(You can print these out and have them handy when working through the module.)

Handouts including Scripts, Templates & Examples.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content included in this program via my exclusive Private Practice Success Members Portal. 

Program Outline

Week 1

  • Why ‘911-Marketing’ does not work
  • You will learn how to utilize marketing that is Planned, Structured and Consistent
  • The first 5 of my TOP 10 Client Generating Marketing Strategies

‘Do’s & Don’ts of GP Meet & Greets’

Week 2

  • The second 5 of my TOP 10 Client Generating Marketing Strategies
  • How to Break your Reliance on Medicare (this is a biggie)
  • Multiple Streams of Income into Your Practice

‘Types of Referrals with Practice & Regulatory Requirements’

‘100 Income Generating Activities’

Week 3

  • Here I share with you an Actual Quarterly Marketing Summary that I use in my own practice
  • You will complete YOUR very own Quarterly Marketing Summary, which means that once you’ve completed this Module, you will have your Marketing planned for the next 3 months!

‘Quarterly Marketing Summary – EXAMPLE’

‘Quarterly Marketing Summary – TEMPLATE’

Week 4

  • Identification of Your ‘Practice Angels’ – the WHO & WHAT
  • How to effectively market to your Practice Angels (how to show them the love – ethically)

‘Scripts for Speaking to GPs’

Week 5

  • How to Develop New Practice Angels (and how get your Team to Help, if you have one)
  • Putting together a PROPER ‘Elevator Pitch’ – one that works & just rolls off the tongue
  • My 7 Reporting Habits for Abundant Referrals

‘My 7 Habits for Abundant Referrals’

‘Your Perfect Elevator Pitch’

‘Critical Reflection Sheet for Client Retention’

Week 6

Implementation Week

Why an Implementation Week? Because I know what it’s like to be busy!

And I know that without IMPLEMENTATION you will not see results – and I want you to have results.

This also opens up the opportunity for you to identify anything that you are still not sure about from the previous modules.

By implementing now we will also have time to view your progress and results at the end of the program.



I’m ready to take my Marketing &
My Practice to the next level

Full Payment


(including GST)

Payment Plan

$400 / week for 6 weeks

(including GST)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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DISCLAIMER: The Gerda Muller group of companies provide training and recommendations based on its knowledge and experience within the Australian psychology and allied health industry and as an independent business and business owner and hence any documents provided does NOT constitute legal and or financial advice.