of running your private practice like a profitable, 7-figure business.

You deserve Private practice SUccess!


of private practices FINALLY profitable, sustainable & stress-free

FROM Broke to 7-figures

in my own group private practice – I’ve been there!


everything has beentried-&-tested in my own practices

You’re not alone in this!

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I am a clinical psychologist and business coach & mentor to allied health professionals looking to accelerate their practice’s growth and get the foundations in place for sustainable, 7 figure success.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t always a walk in the park going from broke to 7-figures, two practice locations, over 15 staff and me literally only visiting the practices a few times of year. I’ve been exactly where you are — feeling stuck, broke, stressed, hitting rock bottom, having major staffing issues, feeling the guilt of having no work-life-balance while raising three kids and a business baby. Everything I teach are strategies I’ve tested in my own private practices, so you know they work.

Which stage in the Journey best describes you?


You’re still employed by others, but with big aspirations to start your own practice. You dream of independence, flexibility and fulfilment. You dream about being able to help your ideal clients and never having to ask for time off to be with your kids. But also, you’re scared shitless to make the leap!

Business Owner

You’re a business owner with a growing private practice, but it’s not thriving the way you thought it would, despite working really hard at it. You’re either a solo practitioner or have a small team, but you dream of having the time and money to grow your impact on your community.


By now your practice is turning over between $500K and $800K per year, requiring you to step into your inner CEO mindset. You now understand what is required to be ‘more’ than a business owner and the freedom this brings you in both your mindset and actions is empowering.


With a practice that is turning over in excess of 7 figures, you are in the process of or have already totally stepped out of your practice and you have a team to manage it in your absence. Despite having achieved this, you are determined to have an even greater IMPACT on the world.

CLIENT Results


“I achieved a 332% increase in Turnover for the last Quarter, compared to the same Quarter last year.”

– Group Practice Owner, Mastermind Class Graduate and Founders Club Member

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How to start your ultimate Private Practice

This is the program for clinicians transitioning into starting up a business. Take the very FIRST STEPS in the RIGHT direction with the aim of building your very own ULTIMATE Private Practice.

Private Practice Success for Mental Health Professionals

Revealing the 7 Secrets to building your very own Ultimate 7-Figure Private Practice…Allowing you to help more people in better ways! This is for existing business owners struggling to build the profitable, stress-free business they desire.

Cashflow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting for the non-numbers kinda practice owner… as well as for those with numbers as their middle name. Revealing the Exact Cash Flow Forecast Template that I use in my very own group private practice…Saving you Time, Money & Energy in the process!

Next level Mastermind

The Mindset & Strategy for Allied Health Professionals who want to live a life of freedom and choice, who want to create financial security and leave a legacy for their family – all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis in the mental health community.

My Story

I teach practice owners strategies I have tried and tested building my two 7-figure private practices.

I own The Psych Professionals, an Award winning group private practice which has two clinics in Brisbane, Australia. Let me tell you, it wasn’t always a walk in the park going from broke to 7-figures, two practice locations, over 15 staff and me literally now only visiting the practices a few times of year.

I’ve had to learn my lessons the HARD way. I hit rock bottom a few times over! I’ve had a fully booked practice but was scratching my head as to why I had no money in the bank. I’ve had my best psychologist leave me and struggled to find a suitable replacement. I trained a practice manager for when I was going on maternity leave only for her to quit 10 days after my son was born. I’ve raised three children while running my businesses and experienced the agony and guilt of not feeling like I was doing enough for either of my priorities. Hear more about my ups and downs!