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Policy Bundles

Are you quietly terrified your practice’s policy documents are inadequate and exposing you to risk?

When we start our practices we are experts in helping clients NOT drafting legal paperwork! So naturally it can be daunting to know exactly what your policy documents should say. I know you want watertight documents that will cover your booty from legal issues. These are tried and tested policy documents that will give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about when you have enough on you plate as a practice owner!

Which stage in the Journey best describes you?


You’re still employed by others, but with big aspirations to start your own practice. You dream of independence, flexibility and fulfilment. You dream about being able to help your ideal clients and never having to ask for time off to be with your kids. But also, you’re scared shitless to make the leap!

Business Owner

You're a business owner with a growing private practice, but it's not thriving the way you thought it would, despite working really hard at it. You're either a solo practitioner or have a small team, but you dream of having the time and money to grow your impact on your community.


By now your practice is turning over between $500K and $800K per year, requiring you to step into your inner CEO mindset. You now understand what is required to be 'more' than a business owner and the freedom this brings you in both your mindset and actions is empowering.


With a practice that is turning over in excess of 7 figures, you are in the process of or have already totally stepped out of your practice and you have a team to manage it in your absence. Despite having achieved this, you are determined to have an even greater IMPACT on the world.

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