The RRIGHT Practice Management

For Private Practice Success

If I had a dollar for every minute I spent training a front desk or administrative team member in the ‘how to’ of running the front desk operations within my private practice, I would be a very rich person today…

Reason being

I have literally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours over the last 10 years, training my front desk and administrative team in all things allied health, customer service, diary management, sales, you name, I’ve trained them in it.

The annoying thing is, I had to repeat this training EACH & EVERY time a new member would join. Yes, it meant that I could do it in my sleep, but that was just sooo boring and an absolute, complete and royal waste of my time. And to be honest, not within my genius zone – it wasn’t the thing that lights me up.

Not that training my team is a waste of my time – training your team is one of the MOST IMPORTANT TASKS in any business – I’m talking about the repetition of it all and the fact that my strengths as a business owner could have been better utilised elsewhere.

Let’s Be Clear

Your front desk team members are generally the first, and last point of contact for clients attending your practice and as a result they can literally MAKE OR BREAK your private practice depending on the type of client care they provide. Training new and existing team members takes TIME.

Time away from the Clinical work you love, time away from the letters you need to write and time away from all the other day to day tasks associated with running a busy practice. In fact, that’s why I have teamed up with fellow Private Practice Owner, Michelle Grosvenor, to develop this course as we would much rather save busy private practice owners the two things that they are often most short of – time and money!


Through a combination of videos, downloadable templates, tip sheets and information resources, this training program will teach new and existing front desk team members how to provide the RRIGHT Client Care.

More specifically, we cover…



  • Video 1 – Introduction to the RRIGHT Type of Client Care
  • Video 2 – Trainer Introduction – Michelle Grosvenor
  • Video 3 – Trainer Introduction – Gerda Muller
  • Slides – Introduction to the RRIGHT Type of Client Care


Be Respectful:

  • Video 1 – Always Acknowledge clients
  • Video 2 – Client Confidentiality
  • Video 3 – Communicating with Referrers
  • Video 4 – What are Boundaries and Why are they important


Be Responsive: 

  • Video 1 – Be Responsive, not Reactive
  • Video 2 – Be Self-Aware
  • Video 3 – Non-verbal Communication
  • Video 4 – Active Listening
  • Video 5 – Don’t Take it Personally
  • Resource 1 – Tip sheet on managing interactions with angry or distressed clients
  • Resource 2 – Questions to ask an at-risk client when on the phone with them


Be Informed: 

  • Video 1 – Be informed
  • Resource 1 – Common referral pathways guide (example document)
  • Resource 2 – Be informed about types of therapy available within your practice
  • Template 1 – Quick referral guide
  • Template 2 – Triage guide
  • Template 3 – Triage guide (example document)
  • Worksheet 1 – Questions you need to be able to answer at the front desk

MODULE 5 & 6

Be Gracious:  

•  Video 1 – Be Gracious

Be Helpful:

  • Video 1 – Be Helpful
  • Video 2 – Create a Warm Welcoming Environment


Be Time Efficient:  

  • Video 1 – Your TOP 2 Priorities at the Front Desk
  • Video 2 – Prioritising using the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Video 3 – The 3 Minute Breathing Space
  • Template – The Reception Checklist
  • Resource – The 3 Minute Breathing Space

Some of this might sound very basic, but if you’ve been in business as long as we have, you know that it is the basics – the foundations – that counts, as without the foundations being properly cemented, it is only a matter of time before the whole house crumbles.

Please, please, don’t make the rookie mistake of ASSUMING that your front desk team (irrespective of their level of experience) knows any of this stuff, because they don’t, and you must, must, must ensure that the first person interacting with your potential clients knows exactly what they are doing.


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Because over-delivering is my middle name, Michelle and I are also including the following two BONUS MODULES:


Converting Enquiries
into Bookings

  • Video – Convert phone enquiries into bookings
  • Resource – Tip sheet on converting enquiries into bookings


Front Desk
Stress Management

  • Video – The CALM approach to managing workplace stress
  • Resource – The CALM approach to stress management handout
  • Resource – Tip sheet on challenging unhelpful thoughts that increase stress

Registration & Payment

Because we know that…

  • Some of you might have 1 front desk team whilst others will have 4 or more
  • You will have transition in your team, with people coming and going,
  • You will be hiring casual team members as your practices grows,
  • You might want to re-train current team,
  • You might want to do all this training in one dedicated day or in weekly increments, that is, the way that suits you and your practice…..

We are making all the content available to you at once. This means that you set the agenda and schedule for what you want your team to learn and when.

However, that’s not THE BEST part of all of this…..

The best part is that you get life-time access to the content!!!

Now, that I think of it, not even THAT is the best part….

THE BEST PART is the fact that you pay ONCE and are able to use the training for your entire team irrespective of the number of people completing it – how awesome is that !!?!!

From our research, no-one else offers you this level of access 🙂

In order to make this training as accessible as possible to all practice owners, you can choose to do a once off Payment of $497 or do a Payment Plan of $99.50 per week over 6 weeks.

REMEMBER: You can claim this as a Business Expense.

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Meet Michelle

Michelle Grosvenor is the Director of Associated Psychology Practice and is a registered Psychologist with over 16 years’ experience working with children, adolescents and adults in the community and private sector. As a practice owner, Michelle recognises the importance of having a front desk team that contributes to clients leaving the practice with a feeling of ‘wow, that was great service’. With her ‘be a coach not a critic’ approach she makes teaching customer service an experience of not only value, but absolutely enjoyment to both the employer and team member.

Meet Gerda

Gerda Muller is the Ultimate Private Practice Success Creator. As a Clinical Psychologist and Practice Owner, she knows first-hand the importance of optimal front desk management. As a Private Practice Success Business Coach & Mentor, she also knows that this is often an area neglected by practice owners, as they are often too busy to spend the time needed to properly address this important aspect of their business, hence creating this training as a no-brainer win for both practice owner and front desk team.

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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