The Next
Level Mastermind

With Gerda Muller

The Mindset & Strategy for Allied Health Professionals who want to live a life of freedom and choice, who want to create financial security and leave a legacy for their family – all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis in the mental health community.

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One of the most frequently asked questions at my workshops is…

“Gerda, can you recommend a good Business Coach?”

I’m asked this question, as my own Business Coach was instrumental in my success, and hence I’m always raving about how he literally helped me turn my practice around from broke to 7-figures.

The question stumps me for two reasons:

1. He is literally the first and only Business Coach I had known (up until a year or two ago)

2. I’m now a Business Coach & Mentor to Allied Health Professionals myself, so what about me? And more importantly, how do people NOT know that!?

And then I realised that I have been so busy sharing my content, strategies and tips at the workshops I run, that I never made it clear that I now have this new role of Business Coach & Mentor.

Yes, I’m still a Clinical Psychologist

Yes, I’m still a Practice Owner of two practices (though I no longer work or even manage the practices)

Yes, I’m still a Workshop Presenter and Facilitator


I’m also a Business Coach & Mentor to Allied Health Professionals.

There you have it. I’ve said it. It’s official. You now know.

But the more I thought about it, I started to realize that I can’t be a Business Coach & Mentor to every Allied Health Professional in private practice, as some of them might need the type of support that I can’t offer.

The thing is…

I offer very intensive, high-level coaching and mentoring.

For example:

  • My Master Class Weekend Workshop is two days of FULL-ON Content & Learning – your brain is basically broken when you leave – but you love every minute of it.
  • My Founders Club is 6 months of high-level support to catapult your practice to the next level and set a momentum for continued growth after the 6 month period.
  • My Founders Club Mastermind Group is a closed, 12-month program offering my highest level of support for a full year.

On the other hand

I do offer one-day workshops in my Private Practice Success Workshop, but that is it – it is just ONE-DAY of learning. It’s an amazingly valuable day, but it is time-limited.

I guess when you weigh it all up, my service offering is heavy on the premium (i.e. you have to invest at a high level) and intensive (i.e. you have to implement at a high level) side.

And the reason for this is purely a reflection of my own way of working and my own impatience in achieving my goals.

Don’t forget that I am a migrant from South Africa and when you migrate you literally take a 10 YEAR LEAP BACK in terms of your financial standing.

I don’t say this in order for you to feel sorry for me, I say this so you know why I am the way I am.


I CHOSE to migrate to Australia.

I KNEW that I would be taking a 10 year leap backwards when I arrived on the golden Aussie shores, which all meant that I was READY to do whatever it took to build a life for me and my family.

Yes, it meant that I saw my kids at times less than I wanted to, but at least I get to see them. Based on statistics, at least one of us would have been dead by now (through some type of crime) if we stayed in South Africa.

So I have been working to catch up. I have been working to gain back that 10 year leap that took us backwards. Have I done it? I don’t know. I’m that kind of person that keeps on moving the goal posts. What I do know is that I’m happy with where I’m at.

I guess I’m saying that my service offering has been reflecting my own drive and internal motivation to achieve and do so as quickly as possible. I have to acknowledge though that this might not be the case for everyone – and that is ok.

  • You might have other priorities right now.
  • You might be more risk averse.
  • You might be a more reflective and hence slower decision-maker.
  • You might be fearful of what stepping it up could do to you (yip, there is that thing called Fear of Success).

Whatever it is, you might want to go at a slower pace and that is OK.

However, my Inner Helper – that drove me to become a Psychologist in the first place – wants to still be able to help YOU too.

Yes, I love working with my fast-faced practice owners who grow in leaps and bounds, but I also love working with you, you who might prefer a slower pace with less pressure. The thing is, everyone will get there at the end of the day and is that not the ultimate goal?

The next question then is…

How do we make this happen???

Well….. I am delighted to share with you The NEXT LEVEL Mastermind membership program for Private Practice Owners, including Aspiring Practice Owners. No, this is not a new APS or something similar – I’ll leave that stuff to people who like paperwork and red tape – I prefer to keep things simple.

The NEXT LEVEL Mastermind takes place in the form of a CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP with a monthly membership fee.

Yes, I know I already run a number of Closed Facebook Groups that are free – 6 in fact – but having multiple groups that I’m responsible for also makes it difficult to be the presence that I would prefer to be in these groups. So within the Membership Group, you will have WAY more access to me and hence my input, skills, experience and support.

What you will receive

In essence, being part of The NEXT LEVEL Mastermind, you will receive:

Exclusive Membership

To a community of like-minded professionals who share similar challenges to you.

Supportive Community

That will hold you accountable for stepping things up.

Weekly Learning Pieces

A mix of live and recorded weekly learning pieces presented to you by yours truly, covering MINDSET & STRATEGY

A Safe Place

Where you can be vulnerable when things aren’t going as planned.

Around The Clock Access

To a group of people whom are REAL & AUTHENTIC in who they are and how they are changing the mental health landscape.

50% off Selected Trainings

Oh and did I mention that NEXT LEVEL Mastermind Members get 50% off all tranings that I run for under $400 – Yay!

Interestingly enough, a number of my high-level private clients, whom normally like to work at a fast-pace are already members of this group, because of the sense of community on offer.

Here’s what they have to say

“The Next Level Mastermind group are practitioners that understand the everyday challenges of being a therapist and business owner. It is a group that is supportive, super informative and goal focussed. The group has allowed me to trust the ideas of others, share dreams and be held accountable. Which means I am taking action on my ideas, and not just talking about them. Thanks to you for creating it – been great so far!”

Kate French
Clinical Psychologist, Mildura Kids Clinic
Mildura, VIC

“I’m so glad I’m part of this group! I’ve really appreciated the support and generosity of the other practice owners. And the learning pieces you have provided have been so valuable. Being a private practice owner can be somewhat isolating, so having the support of the The Next Level Mastermind is perfect!””

Dr Tess Crawley
Clinical Psychologist, Dr Tess Crawley & Associates
Hobart, TAS

“It is so wonderful to know the Next Level Mastermind has practice owners whom are there to connect with, offering a collegiality that is unsurpassed in Australia. Gerda is the extraordinary individual that has made so much of a difference to us, to me, to psychology in Australia and I love that we can source strength from each other, advice when needed and a boost when necessary.”

Tracey Martin
Psychologist, Psychology Caffe
Latrobe, TAS

“I am so grateful for this amazing, supportive and at times hilarious community that Gerda has created and maintains So lovely to experience and share in the generosity and collegiality that happens here.”

Melanie Waugh
Mind Spring Psychology Centre
Brisbane, QLD

Here’s a Preview of the Training delivered in the group

Let’s Get Started !!!

[ Learning Piece ] – Booking Supervision with your Team

[ Learning Piece ] – Money and Money Tracking

[ Learning Piece ] – Active VS Passive

[ Learning Piece ] – Email List Building: Why, Who & How

[ Learning Piece ] – Cultivating the RIGHT Mindset for PP

[ Q & A ]

[ Learning Piece ] – Active VS Passive

[ Learning Piece ] – “How to have balls of steel… “

[ Learning Piece ] – “Respecting the Client’s Time is Respecting Your Time”

[ Learning Piece ] – “Practicing Abundance & Managing Departing Clinicians”

[ Learning Piece ] – “Mental Blocks & 100 Ways to Generate Income in your Practice”

[ Learning Piece ] – Setting Fees in your Private Practice

[ Learning Piece ] – “Building a Champion”

[ Learning Piece ] – “Active Strategies for Retaining Team”

[ Q&A ] – True Abundance followed by Q&A

[ Learning Piece ] – “Living Above the Line”

[ Learning Piece ] – “What I learned from my Gary Vee Experience”

[ Learning Piece ] – The Subcontracting Debate and Thoughts on the APS’s stance

[ Learning Piece ] – ” Finding & Living your GENIUS ZONE “

[ Learning Piece ] -” Money and its Impact on your Relationship”

[ Learning Piece ] – Top 10 Tips from a Principal Psychologist – PART 1

[ Learning Piece ] – TOP 10 Tips from a Principal Psychologist – PART 2

[ Learning Piece ] – Increasing Fees, Taking on Admin, Branding…

[ Learning Piece ] – Comparison as a Success Saboteur

[ Learning Piece ] Social Media Facts & Facebook Hacks

[ Learning Piece ] – When Clinicians Steal your Clients – Protecting Yourself

[Learning Piece – Walk the Walk, Instead of just talking the talk…..]

[Learning Piece] – When Public Mental Health Excludes your team from working

[Learning Piece] – Preparing for Quarter Two

[Learning Piece] When competition moves into your backyard…

[Learning Piece] – Positioning of New Team / Orientation and Induction as it’s also known

[Learning Piece] – Why am I so bad at recruiting the right team?

[Learning Piece] – Recruitment – Team – Secret #3

[Learning Piece] -Tips and Scripts for managing difficult team conversations

[Learning Piece ] – Increasing Fees

[ Learning Piece ] – When it feels like your partner / spouse doesn’t support your practice

[ Learning Piece ] – Where have you dropped the ball lately…

[Learning Piece ] – Increasing Fees

[ Learning Piece ] – What or who do you need to CHECK on in your practice…?

[ Learning Piece ] – What to do when you’re IN a GP Meet and Greet…

[ Learning Piece ] – The Mindset of Dealing with Resistance ….

Plus, over 100 more video trainings available exclusively to our Next Level Mastermind members.

*** Doors Open NOW ***

And to make this a NO-BRAINER offer,
I’m offering you the FIRST MONTH for only $1!

That’s right, just $1. This gives you a full 30 days to check out the group, browse and watch the training content, check out all the downloadable files and determine 100% for sure that this is the right mastermind group for you.

After your trial period, your will invest around $3 a day (what a steal!) for continued access to the support, collective knowledge, experience and know-how of this amazingly giving group of allied health professionals.

Although I intend on increasing the monthly membership rate from time to time, your enrolment rate will NEVER increase. For as long as you remain a member, you will keep your enrolment rate…. now, isn’t that awesome…?

PS: There are NO lock in contracts – you stay for as short or as long as you like, which is why I continue to provide you with as much value as possible. 🙂


I’m ready to invest in 

Mastermind Membership 

Only $1 for the first month

(around $3 per day thereafter)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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