How to Start Your Ultimate Private Practice

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Going into Private Practice for yourself is one of those OMG moments in your life.

OMG, I’m so excited to be doing this” … but at the same time it is

OMG what have I gotten myself into?!


Because you are excited to the core on the one hand, but on the other hand, you are scared shitless – which is pretty normal actually.

It is exactly what it felt like to me when I started my Private Practice and what many of my Private Practice Success clients tell me they experienced.


Private Practice is NOT as scary as you think!

When done RIGHT, it CAN and WILL be the most INSPIRATIONAL and REWARDING thing that you can do with your life.

I know, because I live it every day!

My name is Gerda Muller and I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Published Author. I’m also the Founder of the AWARD WINNING Group Private Practice called The Psych Professionals, which includes an online service called Source Health.

I have been in private practice for the last 14 years and will NEVER work anywhere else.  I’ve tried, but no other job has ever offered me what Private Practice has.


The reasons are endless, but here’s three:

  1. I get to help my IDEAL clients : I get to CHANGE lives – I get to HELP people live the lives they DESERVE (oops, sorry, that was 3 in 1!)
  2. I’m my own BOSS: I don’t have to ask for time off to spend with my kids – I have UNLIMITED Flexibility – I set my own WORK-LIFE Balance (goodness, that was 4 in 1)
  3. I get to run my practice MY WAY: In line with MY vision – MY Values – and I get to make the DECISIONS right for MY practice – no upper management to consult (another doozie!)

If you are eager to start your Private Practice journey then you have come to the right place.

By completing my “How to Start Your Ultimate Private Practice” Training you will be taking your very FIRST STEPS in the RIGHT direction with the aim of building your very own ULTIMATE Private Practice.

Even if you are just CONSIDERING whether Private Practice is for you OR perhaps you have already decided, but just aren’t ready just yet, this workshop will prove immensely VALUABLE for setting you up for ULTIMATE SUCCESS.

In this training we will cover my 7 Secrets to Starting Your Ultimate Private Practice. 


The How, When & Where of Starting a Private Practice?

  • The HOW: All Revealed
  • The WHEN: The 4 Things you must do BEFORE getting started
  • The WHERE: We consider the Pro’s and Cons of the 4 Most Common Ways of Entering Private Practice
  • Downloadable BONUS:  Gerda’s Exact Business Structure
  • Downloadable BONUS:  Industry Room Rental Rates


The Biggest Pitfalls to Look out for and how to AVOID them – Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

  • The 6 Biggest Pitfalls Revealed
  • Knowing them is Avoiding them = A Faster & Smoother Road to Success
  • This will Fast-Track your practice growth
  • Downloadable BONUS Hand-out: 25 Must-Ask QUESTIONS to pose to your ACCOUNTANT


What does it take to be Successful in Private Practice?

  • Aptitude versus Attitude
  • The 9 must-have Personal Characteristics to thrive in private practice
  • The Practice Owner Mindset


What you DON’T know about Private Practice – but should! – The Good, the Bad and The Ugly!

  • The GOOD: The many Perks of Private Practice
  • The BAD: Taking Responsibility and Loving it
  • The UGLY: I asked a wide range of Allied Health Professionals what is that ONE thing they wish they knew about Private Practice before they started & share that with you


CLIENTS – CLIENTS – CLIENTS – How to GET them and start EARNING $$$

  • Revealing My TOP 3 Marketing Strategies for Getting Abundant Referrals
  • How NOT to Network in our Industry – it is an ART
  • 3 STEPS to the Perfect ‘Elevator Pitch’ – You will leave with yours
  • How to get comfortable with ‘selling’ your service


When to Expand Your One-Person Practice – Get it Right the First Time Round

  • Expanding your Practice at the Right Time
  • Navigating the 5 Levels of Practice Development
  • How to ensure sustainable practice growth


Surrounding yourself with the right Support Team – REVEALED

  • Who should be on your Team?
  • Where to find them?
  • What are their roles?

This training is the exact same training that I previously presented at my in-person “How to Start a Private Practice” workshop that sold for $299. Scroll down to see just some of the feedback received from attendees at these in-person workshops:

Are you ready?

Join me and an amazing bunch of other aspiring practice owners whom have already completed this course.

I have spent many years figuring out how to apply business principles and strategies within the ethical guidelines of the allied health profession.

I believe that I have found the secrets to building a Successful Private Practice Ethically and to the Benefit of my Clients, Team and Employees.

You’ll gain so much clarity and certainty on how to turn your expertise and experience into a smooth-running highly profitable practice.

What Our Attendees Have Said

“This was a fantastic course. I highly recommend it for any allied health professional who is starting up their own business. The presenter was brilliant and very knowledgeable in the area of private practice”

Carlicia – Brisbane

“It was all the tips and tricks you don’t get taught in Postgrad/training, and has increased my confidence x100. Would highly recommend to any other allied health seeking to go into private practice.”

Tania – Brisbane


Lecture Format Video Content

A lecture format recording covering the content.

Q & A Format Video Content

A recorded Q&A Sessions where I answer lots of questions around this training.

Downloadable Slides

Download a copy of the presentation slides for future reference.

Start Date

Whenever you are ready. This is an online self-paced, self-study program.

Supplementary Content

This includes Worksheets or anything else I decide to throw in.

Membership Access

Access to an exclusive, password protected, membership site where you will access the content. You will have lifetime access to this.

10 CPD Hours

10 Continuing Professional Development Hours with a Certificate of Completion.

Although this is already a no-brainer offer, I’m going to throw in three amazing BONUSES for you…


Social & Media In Private Practice

• Do I really have to..?
• The Bare Minimum for Private Practice
• Why Facebook?
• Biggest Facebook Mistakes & Best Facebook Hacks
• Tips for Maximising the Benefits of Facebook Advertising
• Using Facebook Stats to Help Guide Your Marketing
• The most important Ethical Considerations to consider
• What Content to Include
• Page Versus Profile
• What’s Still Stopping you…?


Your Practice Look

Here I give you a sneak peek into my two group private practices.  I show you how it has been set-up physically to ensure a warm and welcoming setting for both clients and clinicians.  I share with you actual photos of my practice and explain to you what I’ve done and why.


My Private Practice Success Start-Up Checklist

This is your To-Do list when it comes to setting up your practice and is organised based on the 7 Secrets covered in the content. This means that you don’t have to keep a list of what to do – I have already compiled it for you.


I’m ready to start my own Private Practice!

Full Payment


(including GST)

Payment Plan

$33.77 / week for 7 weeks

(including GST)

My personal mission is to coach, mentor and support mental health professionals who want to build a strong financial future, leave a legacy for their family, all whilst having a never-ending ripple effect on the lives that they change on a daily basis. If I can do it, so can you, and I would love to help you, if you would let me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

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