Your Ace Team Does Exist

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For a very long time I was searching…
I was testing and trialling…
I was hiring and firing…
I was grieving…

For the team I KNEW in my heart had to be out there.

A team that get’s the VISION.
A team that get’s me.
A team that doesn’t do normal.
A team that is both badass and dorky all at the same time.
A team that get takes ownership and gets shit done.

And then – just yesterday – it hits me…

I’ve got it.
I have THAT team!

I was driving home from my Quarterly Planning Day with my Leadership Team when I realised that I’ve got them – those needles in the human resource hay stack that I have been searching form.


But then I realised….

They are MY PEOPLE.

They are the both badass and dorky.
They are both sunshine and hurricane.
They are just… perfectly them.

Which, on a side note, possibly explains why my people so often get headhunted. Now, don’t get any ideas! I do take those occurrences as compliments. I do forgive, but I also do take note (I’m only human!).

So if you have been searching…
If you have been testing and trialling…
If you have been hiring and firing…
If you have been grieving…

Don’t give up.
They are out there.
And one day, like out of the blue, you will realise that you have found them.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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Yours in Private Practice Success,



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It is Gerda’s belief that each and every person has the right to access quality psychological services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

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