What I’m really thinking when criticised by others for selling my services…

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I often get criticised, chastised and judged by others (mostly fellow Psychologists) for promoting / spruiking / selling my services.

Sometimes this gets done publicly.
Sometimes this get done privately.
But it happens… oh so often.

Because it often happens publicly (and with publicly I’m also referring to people commenting in a Closed Facebook Group with hundreds and even thousands of members), I often have people asking me privately…

‘Gerda, how do you deal with all that judgement…?’

Because let’s face it…

Some of those comments are BRUTAL.

And when it happens, I need to remind myself that those comments are generally coming from one of two places….

– a scarcity, fear based mind and heart
– or a place of jealousy (Tall Poppy Syndrome)

Because when I step up – when I step into my purpose and passion and fully express it –
people will get triggered when they aren’t doing the same….when they aren’t stepping up to live their purpose and passion.

And by the way, being triggered is NOT a bad thing.
It is a GREAT thing.
It just depends on how you react when it happens.

Lashing out to the other person, just makes you look like an asshole.

Instead what you need to do is look within. What message is this trigger giving you? Because it is about you – and then engage in a resourceful method of dealing with whatever YOU need to deal with.

As a result, me being triggered often leads to me stepping even more into my own ‘greatness’ – into my own messaging – more fully.

Now to answer the question…..

What do I REALLY think when people judge me for ‘spruiking’ (that was the most recent word used) my services..?

I think….

“You’re Welcome”

You’re welcome for being able to avoid the emotional, time and money pain of making costing trial and error mistakes….as I had to.

You’re welcome for me collating everything I have learnt and know into digestible, AHPRA compliant chunks of knowledge for you to devour with the peace of mind that hours and hours and hours of thinking, reflecting and decision-making has gone into it… saving you time so you have more time to spend on your loved ones or building your practice.

You’re welcome for being now able to get your practice to 7-figures in half the amount of time it took me, because I had to spend the time making all the mistakes – more than I would like to admit… so that you don’t have to.

You’re welcome for not having to spend the $104K I spent on my very first Business Coach & Mentor with whom I worked with for 4 years learning how to run a health business.

Or the $26K I spent on the next one, a Marketing Coach, with whom I worked with for 12 months teaching me about presenting, selling, marketing and branding.

Or the next one, with whom I invested $64K for a 12 month mentorship teaching me everything about building and running an online business….

…. and these are just the long-term investments I made, I’m not even including stuff like the $8K I once spent to spend 5 days with an Online Visibility Coach.

Once again, you are welcome that you don’t have to invest in excess of $200K to learn what I know. I even filter out the stuff you don’t need and just give you the GOLD.

My Vision is to help more people in better ways and these days I do it by helping practice owners.

So if you don’t like that, just scroll on by.

Because the one thing I will NEVER do is stop promoting / spruiking / selling my services. I have a fundamental belief that when I SELL I HELP.

Of course, you don’t have to accept that help. But don’t try to take that away from others – THAT is just being selfish.

Go do you and I’ll do me.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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Yours in Private Practice Success,


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  1. Julia Rainsford

    I love this way of viewing triggers! Thanks for that little gem 🙂 Also I love how after reading this I feel less guilty about the thousands of dollars I have spent in the last few years on learning. I have often wondered if I am bonkers, I don’t see my peers spending all their spare cash on learning more, and I worried at times whether I had some kind of weird addiction! But I have felt driven to really dive into my learning. So it is a relief to read of others who really invest in their professional development. But it’s so interesting to reflect on how the old “imposter syndrome” still looms so large in me, and holds me back from developing courses and workshops that another part of me is busting to deliver. I cringe at the thought of charging money for them. But now I read your post and it reminds me of the huge amounts of money and time I have spent on exploring the topics I am passionate about, and how much time I have spent piecing all the different pieces of knowledge together so others don’t have to invest all those years and cash in the same way I have! Thanks for this post Gerda – I think my next investment will be your courses 🙂 (and then to birth my own into the world!)


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