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You probably know this already…

Or this is going to come as a big shock – even a disappointment – to you…

And that is the fact that…

I also don’t implement as often and as rigorously as I should or would like to.

Case in point….

Last year in July (that is now around 8 months ago) I attended a 3 Day Book Funnel Retreat. There I learnt all about how to leverage my book, The 7-Figure Practice, into an automated funnel in order to get people to know, like and trust me online.

It is 8 months on and I have still not implemented it.

Yes, I’ve written the E-Book on ‘The Top 5 Places to Find your Ace Team’ that is part of the funnel.

Yes, I’ve written the ‘Sales Letter’ that accompanies the book.

Yes, I’ve signed up for Click Funnels and Stripe to do the automation and have been paying for these subscriptions ever since.

And that is where it stopped.

I have all the information I need but I have not finished it😔

And I’m thinking…. I’m not the only one.

Thing is that life tends to get in the way.

So here are my EXCUSES for not having implemented it to date:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I am already spending my time running multiple other service offerings and programs for Private Practice Success.
  3. I still give some (although limited) time and energy to my group private practice, The Psych Professionals.
  4. I am relaunching the online arm of the business, YourPsychOnline.com.
  5. I am launching another new business with 2 other amazing people in my life.
  6. I have 3 kids at school who all 3 come with different needs and demands.
  7. I have to run a household.
  8. I have a husband whom needs attention, poor fellow, he’s even last on this list!

But here is the reality of it all and what it ultimately comes down to…..

I spend way too much time listening to new coaches and mentors and trainings that pop up all over social media which DISTRACTS me from the task at hand.

Upon reflection I realise that I have gotten caught up in the FOMO fear cycle of not wanting to miss a thing.

And in pursuit of not missing out (which I of course rationalise as needing doing, because ‘I must know everything so I can better support my community’ – which is BS of course) I have been shooting myself in the foot.

This STOPS now.

I now CHOOSE to trust that….

🌼 I already know everything that I need to support my community.

🌼 I will gain anything I don’t have when the time is right.

🌼 Prioritising implementation will serve both myself AND my community.

🌼 I inherently KNOW what is a priority and hence will act on those.

I will also remind myself that….

💐 Rome wasn’t built in a day.

💐 That what I take for granted as knowledge and experience, others have not even begun to discover – so I am enough.

I undertake to….

⭐️ Selectively choose whom I will follow online and will limit those to a maximum of 3 people of influence in the areas that I want to learn more about.

⭐️ Book out weekly IMPLEMENTATION time into my diary – in addition to the other stuff I already have included in there.

⭐️ Chunk down Book Funnel Project into manageable chunks to focus on during my Implementation Time.

I can do this and so can you 💜

Yours in Private Practice Success,

Gerda Muller

Yours in Private Practice Success,



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Gerda Muller is a Clinical Psychologist, Published Author, the founder of Private Practice Success Australia, The Psych Professionals and Source Heath and co-founder of Halo Practice Management.

It is Gerda’s belief that each and every person has the right to access quality psychological services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

First, through The Psych Professionals; second, via Source Health; and third, by empowering as many practice owners as she can with her hard-earned knowledge and experience to ensure it happens now, rather than decades from now, via Private Practice Succuess Australia.

Gerda knows that the more practice owners she can help to build their ULTIMATE PRIVATE PRACTICE, the more she is achieving her life’s mission – now, ain’t that cool!