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Yesterday, was my ‘Running from Pilar to Post Day’ and I absolutely loved it!

However, it wasn’t always like that…

For many years, having to run from ‘pillar to post’ left me anxious and resentful.


Because it felt like I was ALWAYS doing it.

Some weeks I would do it every day….

> Go to the practice;
> See clients;
> Trying to remember personal stuff I had to do and which had now become urgent, as I kept putting it off due to never getting to it.

I had this constant running list of things to do that I never got to and it was like this huge anchor weighing me down.

It made me feel like a complete failure, as it felt like I never got ahead.

My mistake was trying to fit it around my usual day.

Problem was, my usual day was just too full and too busy, so I was basically setting myself up for failure.

I did this for literally years.

How silly of me!

However, often we don’t know what we don’t know, right!?

We just think that THAT is our life, so we keep on doing it.

I finally caught on that I could CHOOSE to change it. That I could CHOOSE to do it differently and actually ENJOY it.

So I dubbed Friday my ‘Running from Pillar to Post Day’.

I now schedule all my ‘pillar to post’ activities for this day.

Choosing this day, has taken away all of the frustration I felt having to do it.

Choosing this day, has taken away all the anxiety, as I now get stuff done.

The bottom line is this…

Just because things have always been a certain way, it does not meant you can’t choose to change it.

I know you KNOW this.


When last have you actually DONE something about it.

Do yourself a favour and spend 5 minutes reflecting on what you don’t like about your schedule and CHOOSE to change it!

Ban the can’t word.


You can 🙂

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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