My Success Does Not Depend On You

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M Y – S U C C E S S – D O E S – N O T – D E P E N D – O N – Y O U.

My success does not depend on the type of marketing that YOU do.
My success does not depend on the new team member that YOU have just taken on board.
My success does not depend on YOUR amazing policies, procedures and systems.
My success does not depend on YOUR beautifully fitted out practice space.
My success does not depend on YOUR consistently inspiring social media posts.
My success does not depend on YOUR work ethic and natural hustle to get stuff done.
My success does not depend on YOUR bank balance.


So why then do YOU keep on looking at other practice owners, and what they are achieving, and then proceed to judge yourself for not being a good enough clinician, practice owner and leader.

Why then, when things get tough, do you continue to compare yourself with others whom seem to be doing better than you, whom seem to be having things be easier than for you?

The bottom line is……

That type of comparison, self-judgement and thinking is just NOT helpful.


Because MY success ONLY depends on ME and on what I CHOOSE to DO.

And YOUR success ONLY depends on YOU and on what YOU CHOOSE to DO.

Every day I CHOOSE TO…..

  • Focus on ME and my practice Vision.
  • Not let my Inbox become someone else’s to do list.
  • Clearly prioritise my tasks.
  • Implement my planned Marketing Plan for my practice.
  • Keep my eye on the numbers in my practice by not being afraid of stuff called KPI’s
  • Call my reception team out on the state of the practice diary.
  • Educate my clinical team on best-practice case management in private practice.
  • Educate my community as to why they have to value their mental health enough to pay for evidence based treatments.
  • Invest in myself as a private practice owner by having a business mentor that challenges me and keeps me accountable for doing what I say I will and whom pushes me to that next level.
  • Surround myself with other private practice owners who has an abundance mindset and continues to give scarcity and fear the flick.

The bottom line is this.

My Success ONLY depends on me.
Your Success ONLY depends on you.

Which is scary as sh&t.
 I get that.

Because it means you have no-one to blame when you are not successful, other than YOU…


Before, you get all anxious and overwhelmed with THAT responsibility….

Instead, take a deep breath and acknowledge just how freeing that is…

The fact that no-one but YOU can determine your success.

It is up to YOU and YOUR actions as to whether you achieve success, what it looks like, how much you have, how long it sticks round for, etc.

That is what I call the ultimate opportunity to write your own future.

So pick up the pen and start writing, it’s yours for the taking.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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Yours in Private Practice Success,



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