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Despite having been on holidays for the last 10 days, I have had contact with a lot of allied health professionals (mostly psychologists) over email, messenger, Facebook & LinkedIN.

It appears that once we go away from our official place of work – generally our private practice – we take time out with family and friends for self-care, but we also start to navigate towards self-reflection on what continuing professional development we need to engage in over the coming year in order to provide our clients with THE BEST possible psychological and mental health care.

Over the last couple of days, I have been delighted by the number of clinicians and practice owners whom are now recognising the importance of not only working on their CLINICAL skills but also on the skills needed to actually run their private practice as a BUSINESS.

When I myself started in private practice, I thought the road to the ULTIMATE private practice consisted of becoming the best trained and most highly skilled clinician in my interest area.

Of course, I now know better ☺

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% supportive of on-going clinical PD but I also know that unless you learn the marketing, HR, and other business skills required to run an actual business, that the ULTIMATE private practice (where you are no longer a slave to your practice) will only remain an illusion.

So what is this MISCONCEPTION I am referring to…..???

Well, I often get the following question when speaking to practice owners just like yourself…..

‘Gerda, I’ve been in private practice for a number of years, so I’m wondering if your Introductory Level Workshop will be too basic for me’.

And without fail, my answer is always a resounded ‘NO WAY will it be too basic’.

I think it is the word INTRODUCTORY that makes people think it is about basic stuff that they would already know. When it is not!

I have had people attend my Private Practice Success Introductory Level Workshop whom:

have been in private practice for longer than I have,
practice owners whom already have very successful practices turning over in excess of $750K and more per year,
practice owners whom have multiple practice locations
…and the feedback I get from these and other practice owners are stuff like the comments in the attached screenshots.


Don’t let the word ‘introductory’ fool you.  It is just a way of saying that this is the first day (DAY 1) of my 3 Day Training Program for Private Practice Success – with DAY 2 & 3 happening at the Master Class Weekend Workshop.

I don’t repeat Day 1 content at the Master Class, which makes attendance at Day 1 compulsory.  It is my goal for you to walk away from Day 1 with actionable knowledge that you can start implementing the very next day – irrespective of how experienced you are in private practice.

So to clear up the misconception once and for all….

  • Attending the ‘intro’ workshop will NOT be a waste of your time and money. In fact, if you implement what I teach you, you will make money from attending.
  • My workshop is NOT like other business workshops – you don’t get bored with the presenter where your main challenge of the day is containing your yawn so not to offend said presenter; you don’t get lost in the terms and content; and you don’t leave feeling like this is all too hard.  Instead, you leave motivated and inspired.

Now do yourself a favour (you can thank me later) and register for my Day 1 Private Practice Success Training here:  http://www.private-practice-success.com

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Gerda Muller is a Clinical Psychologist, Published Author, the founder of Private Practice Success Australia, The Psych Professionals and Source Heath and co-founder of Halo Practice Management.

It is Gerda’s belief that each and every person has the right to access quality psychological services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

First, through The Psych Professionals; second, via Source Health; and third, by empowering as many practice owners as she can with her hard-earned knowledge and experience to ensure it happens now, rather than decades from now, via Private Practice Succuess Australia.

Gerda knows that the more practice owners she can help to build their ULTIMATE PRIVATE PRACTICE, the more she is achieving her life’s mission – now, ain’t that cool!