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I’ve been staying at a Gold Coast Hotel over the last couple of days with my family and over the last two days it was only my daughter and I, as my hubby and two boys left for two days of camping and biking over this Queensland long weekend.

So yesterday morning, my daughter and I slept in, following which we decided to go for a late breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Upon arriving at Level 2 and advising we were there for breakfast, the young girl behind the counter says:

“That will be $70 for the two of you, is that OK with you..?”

To which I of course replied, yes. But I immediately started to think….

What would she have done if I said no, that’s too expensive, I will only be paying $50.

And I’m wondering…..

Do you or your reception sometimes quote your rates to new clients and follow that with the question…

“is that ok?’’

…. or possibly a similar version of that same question.

If you do, I would strongly recommend you to STOP.

Asking that question, opens up the door to responses like….

“Oh, that is too expensive. Could you bulk-bill me?”
”Oh, that is too expensive. Do you offer any discounts?”

By asking that question, you are really showing your own lack of belief in the VALUE that you offer – which tells me you don’t feel worthy of charing your fee.

So what I need you to do is to this:

  1. Acknowledge that you ask this question (without judging yourself for it).
  2. Acknowledge that you at times still don’t feel worthy of charing your worth.
  3. Acknowledge that getting comfortable with charing your worth are at times a work in progress.
  4. Recognise the great outcomes your clients have achieved in the past.
  5. Recognise that your referrers keep referring to you (so you must be doing something right!)
  6. Borrow some conviction of belief from your current clients and your referrers that YES, you ARE good enough to charge your full-fee – because you ARE worthy.
  7. Practice a new way of quoting your fee with conviction (i.e. practice saying it or write out a script).
  8. Practice being OK with hearing objections or no from clients from time to time once you’ve quoted your fee.
  9. Release clients not willing to pay your fee back into the universe (I promise you, there WILL be someone else out there willing to take them on).
  10. Surrender to an Abundance Mindset in the KNOWING that you will be OK, even though some clients don’t book.

The Profitable Private Practice Mindset is a PRACTICE 🙂

Now, go out and practice, because you’ve got this.

Much love,

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Yours in Private Practice Success,



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