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It is official. Today is my busiest day of 2018. Busy, in terms of the most consults in one day. SEVEN!!! How did THAT happen..?

[ Yes, I know …I’m getting soft. There was a time when I could do 7 consults (even more) a day, 5 days a week! But let’s get back to today.. ]

Today, I’m doing 7 consults with some amazing private practice owners from around Australia. Some are having their Pre-Master Class Weekend Workshop Consults, whilst others are having their 90 Day Sprint Monthly Check-in Consult – all consults for which I need to pitch up in optimal mental condition in order to give the utmost of value. So what do I do to ensure I excel on what is my busiest day of the year….?

Do I sleep in, in order to get more rest…? No. My 7 year-old sorted that when he woke me just before 6am with a runny nose, as he woke with hay fever.

Do I get my hubby to sort the school lunches (which is normally my job) so that I can focus on doing my stuff…? No. I do the all my morning mummy things (I’m better at making school lunches anyway).

Do I leave the kitchen for my PA to tidy up when she gets in (as I normally do)…? No. I unpack the dishwasher and put a new load in and wipe down all the surfaces.

Do I leave the laundry waiting another day after having just spent a weekend at the Gold Coast…? No. I put a load in and hang it up.

Do I skip out on my morning run, so I have more time to get ‘settled’ before hand…? No. Running is THE thing that makes me settled and expands my time.

Do I leave my other non-negotiables (mindset work and messaging) till tomorrow…? No, I get it done (it’s a non-negotiable remember).

The way I think about it is this… I can either get all anxious and stressed out because I have such a ‘BIG’ day ahead (because let’s face it, I’m so spoil with working 4 hours most days) … OR…. I can CHOOSE to EMBRACE the busy. I can CHOOSE to LEAN into the busy. I can CHOOSE to make the busy FLOW. And of course I will continue to CHOOSE to not be busy with anything that does not light me up. I will continue to CHOOSE to only work with soul-mate clients in the private practice owners I work with. I will continue to CHOOSE to only offer trainings and programs that gets me excited and passionate about sharing with my Private Practice Success Community. Anything else GETS TO GO…. Gets to be RELEASED.

What do you need to LEAN INTO today?

What do you need to CHOOSE today?

What do you need to RELEASE today?

Yours in Private Practice Success, Gerda Muller

Yours in Private Practice Success,



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Gerda Muller is a Clinical Psychologist, Published Author, the founder of Private Practice Success Australia, The Psych Professionals and Source Heath and co-founder of Halo Practice Management.

It is Gerda’s belief that each and every person has the right to access quality psychological services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

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