Ask Yourself This…

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Is what you are doing RIGHT NOW bringing you closer to your…

  • Ideal private practice
  • Ideal family life
  • Ideal marriage
  • Ideal partnership
  • Ideal friendship
  • Ideal wealth position


Is what you are doing RIGHT NOW keeping you…

  • stuck
  • in fear
  • in resistance
  • in denial
  • safe
  • comfortable

It really is up to you?

But do yourself a favour…

Take a minute today to just assess where YOU are at.
Take a minute today to just acknowledge the choices YOU are making.

Identify the SABOTAGE behaviours you might be engaging in and ask…

Is this bringing me CLOSER to my IDEAL LIFE?

Behaviours such as:

⛔ Mindlessly scrolling through facebook
⛔ Playing games on your phone/ipad for hours on end
⛔ Eating chips and dip after a difficult day (Gerda!!)
⛔ Engaging in drama that doesn’t belong to you
⛔ Keeping busy for sake of being busy but achieving nothing
⛔ Bingeing on Netflix
⛔ Getting lost in the abyss that is your Inbox and not getting to your actual to do list
⛔ … this list goes on and on!

Make today the day you DECIDE to:

  1. See these behaviours for what they are.
  2. Consciously choose to engage in them or not (because life is not an all or nothing game).
  3. DECIDE that you DESERVE to be engaging in behaviours that SERVE you rather than SABOTAGE you.

Remember, it is up to you 🙂

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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PS: This image was taken by my PA, Abbey, this morning as I was writing this blog post. This is what happens most mornings.

I go for my morning run during which at some point I know exactly what message I need to give to my community (that’s you). I get home and start typing (to ensure I can get it written down whilst still fresh in my mind).

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Yours in Private Practice Success,



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