Are you suffering from Superwoman Syndrome?

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Of course you do…!

I mean, how else have you’ve gotten to where you are now…?

You sat through the gruelling undergrad years of university whilst juggling a part-time job working your ass off to get the marks to get into Honours and finally Masters.

Or perhaps you had to juggle doing a 4+2 psychology program, whilst trying to raise 3 kids and pay a mortgage.

Perhaps you got your first job in the public health service and started to navigate the red-tape and bureaucracy of sitting in meetings day after day and not doing much of the helping you trained so hard for.

You finally decided you’ve had enough and that YOU will be in charge of the impact you have (instead of being told what you can and can’t do by a bureaucrat).

So you start your very own private practice.

You build it from scratch.
You take the risk because you BELIEVE in your purpose.
You spend endless days, nights, weekends and school holidays making use of every free second you have to make your practice a place where clients feel that they can come to get help without feeling judged, without the stigma, and able to reclaim their lives.

THIS is why you choose this profession.

And you got here because you have the determination, persistence, perseverance, willpower and belief of Superwoman.

After all….

You wouldn’t be the over-achiever you are without being Superwoman, right…?

Having worked so hard, you are finally able to start hiring your first TEAM members and the Superwoman comes crashing down in flames…!!!


Because Superwoman (just like Superman) has one fatal flaw…

She/he can’t be everything to all people and can’t be at all places at the same time – because there is only one of her/him.

But still you try.

You do your darndest to be everything to everyone.

You bend over backwards to support your team (doesn’t that famous book say that Leaders eat last..?).

You try to answer every email, every phone call, every complaint from your team as soon as you can, but nothing ever feels good enough…

You are trying to fight that fatal flaw and the worse feeling ever is knowing that you are failing at it…

And you finally realise…. THIS. IS. NOT. WORKING.

Being Superwoman is no longer serving me or my team.

It is my job as the leader of this team to empower them.

Not to serve by doing it all for them, but instead to serve by…

  • Empowering them to do it for themselves.
  • Allowing them to learn how to problem-solve.
  • Allowing them to make mistakes.
  • Allowing them to fix their own mistakes.

Because if I intend to hire a bunch of over-achievers like myself, and build a practice of over-achievers, the worst thing I can do is to dull their sense of independence and to stop them from growing through learning.

So let’s dust off that cape.

Step back into your Superwoman power, as she is pretty freaking awesome and let’s do this private practice thing.

Yours in Private Practice Success,

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Yours in Private Practice Success,



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Gerda Muller is a Clinical Psychologist, Published Author, the founder of Private Practice Success Australia, The Psych Professionals and Source Heath and co-founder of Halo Practice Management.

It is Gerda’s belief that each and every person has the right to access quality psychological services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

First, through The Psych Professionals; second, via Source Health; and third, by empowering as many practice owners as she can with her hard-earned knowledge and experience to ensure it happens now, rather than decades from now, via Private Practice Succuess Australia.

Gerda knows that the more practice owners she can help to build their ULTIMATE PRIVATE PRACTICE, the more she is achieving her life’s mission – now, ain’t that cool!


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